If your pet is unwell and needs to stay at the surgery for medical treatment we take every care to make sure his or her stay with us is as comfortable as possible. Our team of experienced Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Nurses will always keep you updated about your pet’s condition and one of the Vets or Veterinary Nurses will speak to you on the phone at least once a day. We can arrange for you to visit your pet while he or she is hospitalised but we advise that while this is very beneficial for cats, we don’t tend to recommend visits for dogs because when it is time for their owners to leave, they don’t understand why they can’t go home too.

We are a small practice so cannot offer 24 hour supervision for hospitalised patients, however, patients staying at the surgery overnight or at the weekends are checked regularly by our vets and veterinary nurses. 24 hour supervision at night or at the weekends is available at the Vets Now Emergency Clinic in Northampton should this need arise.