Consultations and vaccinations

We have 15 minute appointments to allow time to fully examine your pet and discuss your pet’s treatment with you.

Initial examination: dog, cat, rabbit £36

Follow up examinations (repeat prescription checks) £29.50


Puppy vaccination course (course of 2 injections) £58.78
Dog booster £35.16
Kennel cough (given at the same time as booster/vaccination course) £19.00
Kennel cough £36.00
Kitten vaccination course: Flu, Enteritis & Leukaemia (course of 2 injections) £66.38
Kitten vaccination course: Flu & Enteritis only (course of 2 injections) £51.66
Cat booster: Flu, Enteritis & Leukaemia £38.96
Cat booster: Flu & Enteritis only £31.60
Baby rabbit vaccination: Myxomatosis & Viral Haemorrhagic Disease types 1 & 2 £62.40
Adult rabbit vaccination: Myxomatosis & Viral Haemorrhagic Disease £62.40

* Terms & Conditions apply


The cost of neutering includes the following:

  • Consultation with the vet on the morning of your pet’s operation to examine your pet and explain the operation to you.
  • Pain relief on the day of your pet’s operation and to go home with if needed
  • Your pet’s anaesthetic will be monitored by a qualified veterinary nurse
  • Post operative re-assessments and stitch removal with our qualified veterinary nurses
Cat castrate (boys) £43.55
Cat spay (girls) £68.58
Dog castrate (boys) From £105.43
Bitch spay before first season (girls) From £164.10
Bitch spay (girls) From £173.39
Rabbit castrate (boys) From £77.86
Rabbit spay (girls) From £109.64

10% discount!

If your pet is on our Pet Care Plan and discount scheme!